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ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. >>> back on wusa9 with a travel alert. you can expect calmia road to be closed tomorrow near rock creek in northwest d.c. crews will be doing more construction work to replace a damaged culvert. >>> another heads up, this involving the cno canal in d.c. the national park service is temporarily closing the small bridge that leads to fletcher's boathouse by the canal. an inspection turned up corrosion on several steel beams. the bridge will be closed three weeks while temporary repairs are made. >>> two big losses in the entertainment world over the weekend, marsha wallace's career, best remembered for her voice of bart simpson's teacher, 70 years old. she passed away. lou reed lost his battle with liver problems yesterday, 71 years old, had a transplant in april. rolling stone called his debut as a part of the velvet underground one of the most influential album
. murphy criticizes comstock for helping to kill the law limiting gun purchases in virginia for one a month. comstock said the law was watered down. >> there had been so many compels already long before i was in the legislature -- exemptions already long before i was in the legislature. >> reporter: comstock said virginia developed a strong background system, but murphy wants to expand all sales at gun shows. >> you have to have a check if you buy from a federally licensed gun dealer but not everybody is. i lost my brother to gun violence. he was murdered when two gunmen came in with an illegal gun and murdered him. >> reporter: election day is tuesday, peggy fox, wusa9. >>> still ahead tonight get ready for cold and flu season. we are debunking some of the myths coming up. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad for me, family is everything- as attorney general, i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families
% of americans say they now have enough information to understand the law's impact on their family. susan mcginniss has more. >> reporter: president obama hits the road this week to build public support for the affordable healthcare act. sunday a senior white house aide insisted the president was told the website would work. >> the website repeatedly crashed in the first month and was down for repairs this weekend. a new poll shows 48% of americans surveyed believe the government has done a poor job of implementing the healthcare law. >> the website failures are absolutely inexcusable and we own that. the president has said that is on him and we owe it to the american people to fix it. >> the white house says the site will be fixed by the end of the month. republicans are skeptical. >> they are trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles per hour down the expressway. >> even democrats want it taken down for repairs. >> i said this directly to the president's chief of staff. they ought to take down the website. >> reporter: americans are learning more about the new law. 55% of those po
or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. this is a map of the pressure points on my feet. i have flat feet. i learned where the stress was at the dr.scholl's foot mapping center. then i got my number, which matched the custom fit orthotic inserts with the right support. find your closest foot mapping center at i'm a believer. all right, what do you do all your pumpkins? across our area, pumpkin chucking competitions. scores of children turned out for this contest on a farm in blue monte, virginia. the pumpkins were on a zip line, tossed from a forklift. check this out. wow. the pumpkin chunking zoo continues through tomorrow. listen to all those kids screaming. all right. researchers say they discovered the world's first test to accurately diagnosis a complication during pregnancy that can be life threatening. >> and reports from london about tonight's health alert. >> when sebastian came into the world two months early, he wasn't breathing. >> the fear of carrying this baby to 33. >> came up with a blo
not be prepared or ready to be the guy with the gun? >> very real possibility. law enforcement is specifically trained to respond in a quick manner and we saw that today. they were able to neutralize that threat in a quick moment. >> what about the fact airport security is set up the way it is? this guy walked in with a gun in a bag, gets to the security check point, pulls it out and opens fire? is there some need to change how air forces set up altogether? >> we have to look to that in the totality. maybe look to overseas like our partners in israel. what are they doing over there? we can always learn. >> i remember right after 9/11 there were armed soldiers carrying automatic weapons at every gate in a lot of airports. is there some need to go back to that sort of thing or would that be an overreaction? >> i think that was based on the 9/11 terrorist threat, but i think we have to balance our civil liberties and try to identify these individuals who are on a pathway of targeting violence and intervene prior to the act being taken. >> i'm glad you brought that up, a 23-year-old suspect descri
for criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. >>> back now with something we haven't seen in a long time. gas prices under $3 a gallon. this station is in moline, illinois. the gas is $3.28. but $2.94. >> a big vote in northeast d.c. investigative reporter is live at the hall where cab byes are getting organized. it's a face down with the city. russ. >> if you had a problem getting a cab, sometime between 4 and 6, a few minutes ago, this is why you have to take a look at this. bumper to bumper, overflowing in the parking lot. they were actually moved out on to streets where they were double parked on d.c. streets, brought here by mounting frustration and costs associated with the district's required modernization of d.c. cabs, like new dome lights, credit card readers and paint jobs. and over flow crowd inside of about a thousand shouted and cheered at this new formation of thi
countries who have gotten the label law in place. >>> tracking weather with an hour by hour forecast, wusa9's first alert weather. >> hi. >> she's back. >> hey. i missed you guys, too. it turns out that i won't probably be doing boot camp again. i'm thinking that was so last year. >> really? >> yeah. i'm thinking that probably wasn't the best idea. so, once we get all the crutches, we're going to do some smooth things, you know, pilates. not that hot yoga stuff you do. that's intense. oh no. >> welcome back. >> thank you. it's great to be back. >> i had a full head of hair before i sat behind you. >> all right, 49 today was the high. the coleseed coldest day so far. our average high is 62. let's start with a live look outside. it's our live michael and son weather cam. temperature 45. dew points pretty low. dew points 20. relative humidity 37%. it's pretty dry air mass. winds out of the east at 6 and going to continue out of the east for some component of the east for the next few days. in fact, we're looking at the chance for some clouds tonight. high and mid level clouds tonight
to improve it every day. every day. >> the president also defended his health care law. he believes critics are not telling the whole story. cbs news political director john dickerson is in washington. john, good morning. >> good morning, charlie. >> how does the president get on top of this? >> i think he gets on top of it by having a website that actually works. most obviously that's because he didn't want the biggest public manifestation of his signature law. he wants that not to be kind of a flowing mess, but also he wants it to actually work so that there can be this flood that they hope is good stories of people signing up. that's good for policy reasons because it means the law will be working but also from a crass public relation standpoint it means they can point to people and say, look, the promises we make about law, it's true. they're happy. he needs those stories to come in. >> okay. but not all the problems are turning out to be true and he's had to modify some of them. so does that put his credibility at risk? >> right. the promises were always at issue with this law for the
in most states. and today, one victim joined john carden at the university of maryland school of law to unveil proposed legislation to make it a felony. >> the anguish i felt over being betrayed, exposed, excuse me, and put in danger was multiplied every time i was told there's nothing we can do, no crime has been committed. >> if the law passes, maryland will join new jersey and california to make revenge porn illegal. >>> we'll take you to the reunion for an american soldier and the man who saved his life. vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad. i'm mark herring, candidate for sponsored this ad.nd i vo: this is what mark obenshain called a "common sense
would be able to keep their plans. now, another component of the health care law is that people can now sign up a little bit later. they have a six-week extension on the deadline. originally they were supposed to sign up for health care if you weren't insured by february 15. now the deadline is march 31 but there is some confusion that goes along with that extension. health care insurance starts at the beginning of the month. if you sign up by the middle of the month, then you might not get the coverage until the next start of the month which means you would be breaking the law and then you would have some fines. so now when you file your taxes for next year, you don't need to fill out a waiver. a guidance just released just last night saying that you do not need to claim an extension. health and human services department saying the administration, quote, has determined that it would be unfair to require individuals in this situation to make penalty payments that would have been $95 per person to start in 2014. again, the new deadline is march 31. we'll give you an update in the next ha
laws" "to prevent women from getting out of a bad marriage." "ken cuccinelli denies climate change exists" "and he used taxpayer dollars to investigate a uva professor doing research." "and cuccinelli tried to ban common forms of birth control." "even the pill." "even the pill." "ken cuccinelli is just way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme" "way too extreme for virginia." vo:first they gave usvernment shuken cuccinelli...politics. and now mark obenshain for attorney general. obenshain voted to ban the birth control pill, and outlaw abortion, even for victims of rape and incest. and on gun safety, obenshain opposes comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the violently mentally ill. mark obenshain: a dangerously wrong turn for virginia. i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general and i sponsored this ad. ♪ (cheers and applause) >> dave: fantastic. paul, our old friend lou reed died on sunday. to me unexpectedly. 71 years old. been on the show many times, inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame in 1996 and was here nine
to succeed in the first place. >> thank you. the law is based on a massachusetts program that began when mitt romney was governor. major garrett is at the white house. good morning. >> good morning, norah and charlie. they don't deny that it's a mess and individuals are frustrated at having to change their policies even though president obama promised them they could keep them because they don't comply with the new plan. the website is getting better and they say will be fully operational in about a month and that those in the individual market comprise only 5% of those in the country and over time they'll be able to find better coverage and possibly health care subsidies when it's fully operational. what does massachusetts have to do with all this, norah? >> it was in 2006 that they had to have coverage. this website had a tough rollout. people waited until the last minute and some parts of the law were changed. that will be the president's message today. bumpy rollouts are nothing new. that's a tough message but it's the only one the white house has. norah and charlie? >> major, thank you.
the law's complexity and regulatory reach. >> it is frustrating any time you want to see something succeed because you believe it's good for people and it doesn't get off on the right foot. >> reporter: one month after its lodge the federal health care site remains wobbles. >> the website failures are absolutely inexcusable and we own that. >> reporter: some propose dramatic action. >> i said this directly to the president's chief of staff they ought to take down the website until it was right. >> reporter: republicans doubt white house promises to fix the health care site by month's end. >> they're trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles an hour down the expressway. >> reporter: some democrats like massachusetts democratic governor deval patrick say these website problems are actually a good thing because they force the president to go out and sell obama care to the country once again. the president will do that on wednesday when he travels to dal loose to go to an enrollment there and thank volunteer there is for signing people up. >>> for the first time mohamed morsi faced trial
calling for her resignation. yesterday medicare chief maryland tagner was grilled by law makers. she essentially defended her agency's rocky rollout of but she also acknowledged the problems by apologizing. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> reporter: it's growing increasingly there there was not enough testing. republicans are also calling the president a liar, some of them saying the president misled the public about individuals being able to keep their health care plans. now we're hearing that they might for the be able to because they don't meet the new requirements. but the administration saying that basically that people will get better coverage with these plans. we talked a little bit about this yesterday. this morning we found some sound of the president on the record saying otherwise. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: more and more americans are getting some cancellation letters in the mail, peopl
and the dangerously mentally ill. siding with the nra and undermining law enforcement. no wonder the washington post calls cuccinelli polarizing, provocative and partisan. cuccinelli. too extreme for virginia independence usa pac sponsored this ad. more than a new interior lighting system. ♪ it is more than a hot stone massage. and more than your favorite scent infused into the cabin. it is a completely new era of innovation. and the highest expression of mercedes-benz. introducing the 2014 s-class. the best or nothing. >>> good morning. welcome back to wusa9. [ laughter ] >> for some reason that commercial makes me laugh. >> okay. we're serious here now. i'm andrea roane. you may need the umbrella today. >> i'm mike hydeck. good morning. >> good morning good she has traffic issues already. >> and weather issues. >> you've been feisty from the get go. >> grab the umbrella. you'll need it in a few spots. we have showers coming through now. the morning looks to have a couple of showers. the afternoon looks to be dry today. that's it in a nutshell. a little more detail with your day planner. temperat
you get after the health care law. open enrollment ends december 7th. so now's the time. visit or call 1-800-medicare [ male announcer ] staying warm and dry has never been our priority. our priority is, was and always will be serving you, the american people. so we improved priority mail flat rate to give you a more reliable way to ship. now with tracking up to eleven scans, specified delivery dates, and free insurance up to $50 all for the same low rate. [ woman ] we are the united states postal service. [ man ] we are the united states postal service. [ male announcer ] and our priority is you. go to® and try it today. to severe plaque psoriasis... the frustration... covering up. so i talked with my doctor. he prescribed enbrel. enbrel is clinically proven to provide clearer skin. many people saw 75% clearance in 3 months. and enbrel helped keep skin clearer at 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and b
with the law? >>> syria has destroyed their weapons. they started in september when they broke the agreement for syria. and this after the obama administration threatened military action against the syrian government. >> we are now in a position to conduct any further productional mixing of chemical weapons, as far as they are disclosed. and that is suppose to have happen for them by next summer. >>> be careful if you are out in georgetown tonight. they will be out and about later. there's no crooks on out there who needed to rip off three people just this past tuesday. one in wisconsin avenue, one on o street and one at m and thomas jefferson street. that robert was last seen wearing the blue jeans, riding the pegs on the back. >>> and they will not miss the scaffolding, but they lit that up, which has been great to look at it. for the national park service, they said this sunday will be the final night for the iconic monument that will be lit and then the week of november 11, the three-month process of removing that scaffolding will be taking place. still making the repairs for the washing
of the town and the entertainment industry. chris brown is in trouble yet again with the law. bruce? >> word is he is still on probation because of the assault on rihanna. >> yes, in 2009 he's been on probation for that. a course that stems from california. he's had other run-ins after that, but again, you know, authorities have been keeping a close eye on him. he's died at the age of 71. the lead singer died earlier today at his new york residence. the cause may be related to his recent liver transplant. the band was considered a major influence. recollaborating with the artists, the infusion of art and music. >>> well, you thought the game rg3 is off after the loss against the denver broncos. we've got highlights and comments. >> yeah, we had a moment of hope. they were there for three quarters over peyton manning and the broncos. most of the game he was missing wide open as they were unable to make plays. they held the ball long enough to hold the lead, but the broncos show why they are the highest scoring offense in the league. peyton manning able to overcome four turnovers to score 38 u
, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. ard to say no e opportunity of a lifetime. even if it's five hundred miles away. there's a lot to figure out. new city. new job. new bank. a friend recommended suntrust. because mobile banking lets me manage my money how i want, when i want. so i can make the most of my new life. and focus on all that's ahead. with every suntrust checking account, it's easy to avoid fees and go mobile. suntrust. how can we help you shine today? i'and i sponsored this adte for attorney general, for me, family is everything- as attorney general, i'll put politics aside and put families first. mark herring: endorsed by the washington post he'll crack down on sexual predators, go after scam artists who prey on seniors and military families, and protect the rights of women to make their own health care decisisions but senator obenshain has the wrong agenda. he voted to ban birth control pills and outlaw abortion, even for rape and incest victims. he's wrong for virginia. >>> 6:22. watching a severe thunderstorm watch box to our north
story. >>> a viral video tonight on the harsh reality for women in saudi arabia and a law that bans them from driving in their country. take a listen. ♪ no woman no drive no woman no drive ♪ . >> the song, of course, is a parody of bob marley's no woman no cry. this version appropriately titled no woman no drive has more than 3 million youtube hits since it was published a couple of days ago. >>> there's some new information about the date rape drug in tonight's health alert. you've probably heard of ruthy, a street term. it turns out alcohol is the most common used drug incident to date rape according to a crime lab supervisor. date rape drugs are rarely, if ever, seen in real life. so while drink spiking does happen, alcohol alone is enough to impair victims both physically and mentally obviously. >>> still ahead apparently mcdonalds not loving it, the fast food giant cuts ties with a long time partner. >> it was another beautiful day here in the d.c. metro area, temperatures starting to get warmer. i'll tell you when we reach the 70-degree mark in the first alert seven-day forecas
to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now, all tricks, no treat, david letterman! (cheers and applause) captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs ( band playing "late show" theme ) ( cheers and applause ) (cheers and applause) >> dave: nice to see you, ladies and gentlemen. welcome to the program. happy halloween, everybody. (cheers and applause) the by the way, congratulations to the boston red sox! what do you think of your current world champion -- world series boston red sox. (applause) the m.v.p. was david ortiz. what have a series this guy had. and the boston fans after the series was clinched last night they went crazy and a bunch of rowdy young i guess teen punks actually tipped over david ortiz. (laughter) crazy. immediately after the
. against big cities that increasingly dominate state legislatures, passing laws that some say ignore rural needs. >> the state of california passes regulations about not cutting trees or things of that sort, is there a direct impact in your community? >> oh, of course there is. our local economy is in rural california are basically dependent on ranching, farming, timber, hunting, fishing, and every time we make bureaucratic decisions that impact that, we destroy the economies of the north of the state. >> reporter: this isn't their first try. people in northern california and southern oregon tried breaking away once before in 1941, even setting up roadblocks on the borders of a state of jefferson, it fizzled out with the beginning of world war ii. >> and it turns out that breaking away from one state to form a new one is as old as the united states. beginning in 1776, when the colony of delaware broke from pennsylvania, maine was once part of massachusetts, west virginia and kentucky were once part of virginia, and tennessee was a break away from north carolina. and, of course, much of the
control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. >>> 6:22 on this thursday morning. cloudy out there, muggy. we've got 50s, isolated showers north and west this morning. some patchy fog also. look at the temperatures as we head toward lunch time. well up in the 60s, even 70 in culpeper. we're going to get you into the afternoon and stay generally dry with highs in the low to mid-70s. looks like showers although for most of us until later tonight. michael and andrea. >> thank you, howard. >>> we're going mobile in this week's cool schools. the students at chester brook elementary are doing it in two ways. one is high-tech. the other is old school and both of them are good for exercise. enjoy this encore presentation of one of our favorite cool schools. can an ipad or smartphone actually be good for your health? if you have creative teachers like chester "best" brook -- like chesterbrook elementary, yes, they k. they created an exercise trail at the mclean school with quick response codes. what's that you
-heart liberal's fever dream of a program, which is, anachronistically, a pet project of the famously law-and-order and meat-and-potatoes police commissioner. we can't say that. well, find a way, because it's true. and before you slot the inspector general on my schedule, take a look at that. "for your eyes only." from anonymous at the newark police department. paper files? and photos from the mid-'90s when she was essex county prosecutor. don't make copies and check it out. for what? accuracy and provenance. that's all? that's all for now. (sighs) (distant, indistinct chatter) (indistinct chatter) hey, could i help you with something? yeah, i'm looking for joe frye. is he around? uh, if you want a autograph, it's 20 bucks. no, i don't want a autograph. i just need to talk to him. i'm a friend of a friend. oh, oh, right. uh, let me go tell him. great. (man shouting) man: how bad do you want it?! how bad do you want it?! you want to get on that field?! yeah. let's go! give me three more! (speaking indistinctly) geez. okay, yeah, give me a minute. thanks, ralph. he'll be right with you. oka
april 1 which would mean that you would be breaking the law. so now you have some extra time, an extra six weeks. when you file your taxes for next year, you don't need to fill out a waiver. a guidance was released last night saying you don't need to claim that exemption. the health and human services saying, quote,, the administration has determined it would be unfair to require individuals to make penalty payments. the penalty would be starting at $95 per person just in 2014. now again the deadline is march 31, you won't have the coverage till may 1 but you also won't have the penalties. we'll talk about some of the issues with website that you can sign up for the new health care plan, and what questions may be answered this week about the rocky roll out. for now we're live at the hhs building, ko im, wusa9. >> thank you, ko. >>> prince george's county police have charged three men in last week's murder of a hotel employee. investigators say deandre weems was the gunman. all three are from d.c. kimfrey williams was driving the getaway car according to police and rinald
. it's been an introw dukz to this law and what americans are seeing and hearing. this becomes the perception. >> so how will the obama administration try to get beyond this? >> you see they're push back very strongly in these daily briefings. jay carney has reporters challenging things that we're reporting that of course is out there. the president went on the road this week to try to defend it. it's been a very sharp defense. >> and they're getting help from people like oracle. >> they brought in these tech experts. yesterday they said there was somebody from google coming in to try to turn this thing around. again, the problem is the int introduction for most americans to the affordable care act has not been a good one. they have to change if this is going to work. >> jan, as you pointed out, the president promised if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. that's not true for those who get individual coverage. there's small portions but 3 million -- >> we think the number is going to be more like 10 million or 15 million. >> what about the promise that preside
organization. >> and mar yes joined the academy school of law and others fighting to post revenge porn online. >> michael carter was charged with peeping into windows and watching women who were alone. police say he targeted ground level apartments with lights on and women between the ages of 20-50 years old. >> well the gum who broke into a -- the gunman who broke into a south d.c. home are still loose today. >> some victims were assaulted and one man sexually assaulted and police are not saying if anything was stolen. that is not the end of the story. >> not by a long shot. bruce johnson and photographer danielle gill were covering this tragic situation when they were assaulted by a woman that came out of the house in question. the story in their own words. >> you do what you always do. you show up, you start knocking on doors. at some point in it time you knock on the door of the residence where this supposedly happened and a young woman raises the window, get away from here, we're not telling you anything. we did it, but every other station, the same thing, she would come to the window an
law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. >>> courageous innovation. >>> we are talking with 2ms advocates who are also patients, scott johnson and gail mederos. most of the drugs -- or all the drugs on the market today work on the immune system. they don't actually prevent ms from progressing, and they certainly don't give anybody function back. you've got an idea, the myelin repair foundation that you can address the fundamental causes of ms. how is that going to work? >> if you think about it, you know, myelin forms in the body as you grow and i think it continues to form until about the late teens, typically, they see the brain myelin ating so we know it is a natural process. most likely healthy people don't have ms, like other cells of your bodies there's -- myelin is actually the coating on your axons, so it's probably being remodeled constantly and likely in ms the real problem is when it gets damaged, that repair process is being prevented. so we see this as a doable target because essentially we are not trying to convince the body to do something tha
the deals for you coming up next. >> thanks jess. >>> some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation could go into effect today. that story is coming up. >> plus halloween is sure no treat for a lot of people in several states. strong storms hit a bunch of places last night. more on that. >> ahead in sports he may have left washington a couple of years ago, but apparently albert haynesworth's saga isn't quite over yet. what now? we'll ha >>> ten after 5:00 on this friday morning. and get ready for some rough weather as we go through the morning. especially in the next few hours. line of showers and storms coming with some winds that could gust 30, 40, maybe 60. severe weather rolling into maryland perhaps now. here's a look at the forecast talking about mainly morning showers and storms. in the mid 70s but the winds with the storms is going to be the concern over the next few hours. live doppler 9000 hd coming up in a few. right now monika and timesaver traffic. >>> and we're going to go to southern maryland on the beltway at 210 to the wilson bridge. the lanes are open
obenshain tried to outlaw. birth control pills. rape or incest. criminals, felons shows, a month law, in bulk. instead of dictating to women, criminals. this ad. ♪ oh, oh, oh, come on, people, now ♪ ♪ smile on your brother ♪ everybody get together ♪ try to love one another ♪ come on, people, now [ female announcer ] breyers. the taste you've loved for over 140 years. ♪ right now >> 10 after 5:00 on this thursday morning. you certainly can see some of the cloudiness that's hanging over d.c. we've got visibility issues here and there. nothing too terrible except over on the delmarva. we're going to have a muggy day today. patchy fog, isolated shower northwest this morning and mostly cloudy, warm afternoon, low to mid-70s. monika? >>> well, if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-95, things are still looking good in springfield. there are no issues to report as you head from route 644 to the beltway, 395 to the 14th street bridge, 295 to the 11th street bridge. everything looks good this morning. back to you guys. >> thanks, monika. >>> at 5:11, here's a loo
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